Making Micro-Decisions:

Updated March 2022

In a single day, we may have anywhere between 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts. Many of these thoughts are repetitive or “me”-focused, while others are micro-decisions about what we do, how we think, and where we put our energy.  There choices are often non-conscious and born out of habit or a function of auto-pilot.

This month, we discuss micro-strategies to pause and guide your thoughts towards healthier, kinder, and more mindful decisions.

 Discussion  Françoise, Diana and Jen discuss micro-decisions and how they implement these small, mindful changes throughout their day.

Audio Version

What are micro-decisions? (2:02)

Energy levels & navigating interpersonal conversations (3:56)

Overview of The Choice Map™ by Dr. Marilee Adams (6:18)

Curiosity as an antidote to judgement (8:50)

Not making a decision is making a decision (10:49)

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What areas of your personal or professional life would benefit most from incorporating the strategies discussed this month about micro-decisions? What will be the biggest challenge?